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31st Dec, 2019

Friends Only

(created by daphnecool @LJ)

All of my fandom work (fanfiction, icons, wallpapers, tutorials,...) will be posted at [info]love_sacrificed.

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18th Nov, 2018

SPOILERS: Fantastic Beasts 2

So, today I saw the new Fantastic Beasts movie and it was amazing.

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Plot idea and how the movie affects it (still contains spoilers) )

7th Jun, 2018

Hidden Gems or at least some roughly polished pieces...

I think I have a ton of very old stories to post. Either that or I'm way behind in keeping my Masterlist of stories up to date.

Inbetween helping my brother and in his fiance in the last minute preparations for the "Polterabend" [which translates to "eve-of-the-wedding party" which just doesn't quite right] which was last Saturday to the legal wedding on Friday and the church wedding on Saturday, I'm trying to do some more typing up to hopefully finish the last batch of really old stories that I found at my parents during my visit a month ago. The fun part was realising that there are stories (handwritten and printed out) that I'm quite certain should be published, but I can't find files for. Yay. Not.

So, I'm finally taking a look at my "published" and "beta" folders and renaming files. Because "Drunk Danny.doc" is so very telling when it comes to the content or "HouseChase.doc" when I've got at least a dozen for that pairing... oh to remember the time when I had so few stories that they were easily recognisable with the pairing!
I've also found multiple versions of the same stories (the version from a beta reader, with comments, and plain duplicates) and some as txt files and some with just single chapters (I probably have to thank for that).

I figured I'd do the best thing I can - print out my masterlist of posted stories and check of which ones have a corresponding file. There are quite a few missing a file (maybe I can find them under the WiP folder and maybe I'll have to download them from wherever they are posted), but there are also files in the published folder that aren't on the list at all. Should they be in the beta pile or are they missing from my masterlist? I know I found at least one story on that isn't on my masterlist. So maybe I didn't use that as a source for my masterlist when I first created it.

Otherwise, there are plenty of stories even in the beta folder that I could post. After so long since I last looked at them I might even be a good beta for myself there. On the other hand, a lot of them are fandoms I haven't been part of in years if not a decade. Should I still post them? A part of me says yes - I've invested all that time back then and was proud of it - and another says no - the shows are no longer on TV, so who cares? They might not even fit the canon anymore due to later episodes (that I might not even have watched) and I don't care to have people tell me "That's wrong!". I faintly remember seeing reviews like that before (not sure if it was on my stories or other stories).

However, it also seems nice to start my return to fanfiction with a huge pile of old stories and a "I cleaned up and now my head's free for new stuff."

I still have a few fandoms to go through to match up files with my masterlist.

5th Jun, 2018

Where's the Oliver Wood love?

I'm still working on the dreaded typing up (thanks to finding more at my parents) and I'm finding a lot of stuff from my first steps into fanfiction (early 2000s) and about 2010. I was majorly into Harry Potter back then (and still am, albeit it's more of a reading thing currently) and I'm wondering where Oliver Wood disappeared to!

I had so many Oliver Wood stories! Okay, most were Harry/Oliver and a few Oliver/Weasley Twins stories. However, I also ran an Oliver Wood FQF on egroups (later on Yahoo!Groups) mailing lists. Finding all those story ideas makes me feel really nostalgic and wondering where all the Oliver Wood stories disappeared to. Despite all of the readong I do, I can't really remember seeing any stories featuring Oliver Wood in the past couple of years. Where did he disappear to?

I think he needs more love. A whole lot more love. However, I'm tempted to say it's a fate quite a number of characters had that were present in the early books and then just disappeared. It makes me want to rewatch those early movies (and re-read the books) and just give them more love again.

16th May, 2018

A whiny rant is still a rant...

Not sure if this is whiny or not, but it's just currently driving me mad.

I'm typically a "To each their own kink/trop" kind of girl, but sometimes there are tropes that drive me up the wall. Not because it exists, but because I really have a craving for some semi specific (plot "A") that's NOT that kink/trope (plot B) and what feel's like 90% of the stories for A also feature B. The leftovers are a mix between "Not exactly what I want", a story with 5 chapters and 1,000 words at most, obviously not well written or just the gem I was hunting for.

This specific case )

I'm sure everyone has these moments where the type of story they crave seemingly all have the "I'll never read this" trop attached to it. I'm sure it's just a feeling because I'm on the hunt for something good to read.

30th Apr, 2018

Randomness is random

I keep wanting to post something and then all I can think of is my typing up... Guess that tells me how exciting my life actually is currently.

Or I'm just too excited about my progress and all fun it's giving me. That is to say - re-reading all those stories (and in some cases those in my beta folder where I'm pretty certain in 90% of the cases that I haven't posted them yet and it's been potentially up to 10 years since I've written them/been in the fandoms).

It's a joy rediscovering all those fandoms though. I don't think I'll ever write in them again, but I feel like reading fanfiction for them again. And maybe it's just the right timing as well. I've been out of the MCU fandom for quite some time - probably since somewhere between Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War (which I still haven't seen) and since I'm going to watch the new Avengers movie on Tuesday (unless I get stuck in traffic going back to Munich from my parents beyond the extra time I planned with) it's a really good timing.

And I'm entirely too distracted today. I started this post hours ago and then got distracted by typing up, eating dinner, getting stuff down from the attic of my parents (and finding two more large folders with fanfiction...) and while bringing the stuff down from the top floor to the ground floor (that is to say - I already got it down that dingy drop down stairs!) I managed to take a misstep while carrying the last box. I'm not sure what happened, just that it was the last couple of steps and I didn't twist my foot/ancle. It felt more like taking too wide a step and missing the step or just stepping on it with my heel.

Either way, with how many folders (mostly school and university stuff) I'm carrying out of this house, my parents will probably have to tigh it down or it'll float away...

17th Apr, 2018

Where does the time go?

It's been a month since my last post and I'm still typing stuff up. In a bit under 4 months it'll be a year since I really started to get a hold of all my handwritten stories, notes and whatever fanfiction related.

update on typing up )

In other news, I've worked on getting my balcony ready for spring with some new flowers, tomatoe and strawberry plants, watched Black Panther (nearly a month ago now), Ready Player One and am finally catching up with season 13 of Criminal Minds. I also really suck at keeping my little Scrapbook post up to date with the stuff I do.

I really need to do a real update that's not the same old boring - this is my type up progress post. Then again, initially I thought it'd be cool to track and see my progress. And then I realised how much of a bottomless pit it's become.

And I've got to dash - my Italian class starts in about half an hour and I need to make sure I've got everything I need.

18th Mar, 2018

More typing up stories...

I'm once again busy with typing up (and yay - it's down to just notebooks and no more lose paper outside of what I freshyl produce) and splitting my giant file (it was at 270+ pages yesterday) into smaller files or the individual plotbunny files I have.

I have to say I didn't expect it to take this long when I started last summer. I'm still confident in my decision to delete ideas I'm certain I'll never follow up on.

I'm still amused/amazed at some of the things I've written and frustrated by being unable to figure out some of the words I've written. I've also come across one very big question.

Throughout the years I've been part of several universes that were made up of several fandoms. There's the CSI fandom with it's three subfandoms CSI: Las Vegas, CSI: Miami and CSI: New York. There's the MCU, there's Stargate and several more.

A combination of two of those subfandoms is still a crossover to me. I might not keep it in the big "crossover" folder, but I have crossover folders within the "universe" fandom folder. Once I'm done with the type up/split up stuff, I expect the Fantastic Beasts/Harry Potter to be the biggest one. It's also given me a rather big question:

If the story takes place during the Harry Potter area and the Fantastic Beasts characters are the appropriate age (e.g. no time travel or otherwise involved) then is it a crossover or just a Harry Potter story? I mean, Newt Scamander existed in Harry Potter before he became the starting point to a new subfandom.

I never put this much stock into these definitions in all my time (and the Torchwood/Doctor Who angle did give me problems at times - just where do I sort Captain Jack related icons?)

Oh well. There's so much I can be thinking of while splitting up files... for example that I haven't updated my scrapbook post at all so far... I guess that means there will be some estimates when I read what.

4th Jan, 2018

Huh. Didn't expect to see that.

After countless "Contains Slash" warnings or similar on a lot of fics and the ever helpful "No Slash"*, I've finally encountered the opposite on a story on Ao3:

Warning: A few mentions of straight people, but don't worry they aren't a big part of the story.

I might even be tempted to read it. The pairing is just so out there. Harry Potter/Teal'c. I never even thought of that! *is currently obsessed with Harry Potter/Stargate crossovers*

[* very helpful when I'm using the search engine to search for slash and get tons of those listed]

28th Dec, 2017

Shall I keep them all?

After going through all of my files and renaming the crap out of them to stick to my new naming system for all of my fanfiction files - I've decided to do a decluttering of them.

*moment of silence*

I've never gotten rid of any of my fanfictions. Posted, started, abandoned, a one line idea, whatever. I've never deleted any of them. It's a bit daunting, but just the decision also feels freeing. I mean, there are probably ideas I've had up to 15 years ago. If I haven't written them since, I won't now. Or well, maybe I will. However, if they don't spark any ideas (or even just the urge to want to read something like that), I can probably get rid of them.

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24th Jul, 2017

New Layout

As part of coming back to dreamwidth, I figured a new facelift for this journal (and [community profile] love_sacrificed) is in order. It's been over a year since I really looked at any of my journals. Be it here or at livejournal or at insanejournal.

Even longer since I did anything but moderate one of my contest communities or post a batch of icons. To be honest: towards the end I was stressing myself more with this than anything else. I took a step back as I undertook some major changes in my life (new job, new city) and it took longer than I expected. However, I think I needed that time away.

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Anyway, I've also started on updating my icons and I think this won't be the end of it.

28th Mar, 2014

I need a little help with voting...

This isn't exactly the update on me that I had planned since the beginning of the year... time sure flies by. Way faster than I ever experienced. I can't believe that March is nearly over already. Hopefully this coming weekend will be better even if my to do list keeps on growing which just makes me avoid it all - which is so very helpful with reducing it!

Anyway, the reason for this post: I could use some more votes over on [community profile] lotr20in20!

round 03: tie breaker (round 2)
round 05: themes voting
round 05: category voting
round 05: ac voting

And for anyone who feels like making LotR/The Hobbit icons:
round 06: sign ups

1st Jan, 2014

Scrapbook 2013

Scrapbook 2013 )

31st Dec, 2013

I need help for lotr20in20 @ dw

I coud use some help with voting @ [community profile] lotr20in20! Additionally, sign ups are open for the January round :)

round 2: tie breaker
round 3: theme voting
round 3: category voting
round 3: ac voting
round 4: sign up

9th Dec, 2013

SPOILER: The Day of the Doctor!!

(Manually crossposted from dreamwidth since the post still didn't appear here since the 23rd November. I guess there are still problems with that)

Wherein I ramble about the 50th Anniversary Special for Doctor Who!

Boring Talk )


I think there are countless things I can still mention - that I should mention - but I've also got an icon post to code for doctorwho20in20.

Now I really want to watch it all over again. And again. And again! :D :D

14th Nov, 2012

A Daily Icon Challenge

Come and join in at the fun at [info]dailyicons!

You can sign up for general themes (everything goes) or something more specific. You can sign up for 10, 25, 50 or 100 icons!

Once a day a prompt gets posted that you can use for your table by submitting your icon. Each prompt is open for 2 days. Depending on your table size, you have a set amount of time to fill up your table with prompts that way. For example you would have a month to finish 10 icons or a year to finish up 100 icons. That way if you miss a couple of days because you're busy or the prompt just doesn't work you still have plenty of opportunities to finish :D

Even better - you can sign up with up to 3 different challenge variants! (table size and / or topic)

Additionally, once a month the top 5 icons will be voted on!

Sign Up

12th Apr, 2010

voting help...

Challenge 57 over at [info]dwicontest could use some more votes!

25th Jan, 2010


This won't happen any time soon... at least not before I get ahead on the icontests I already mod, but since [info]dwicontest is practically dead - Would anybody be interested in reviving it?

I've tried asking the mod in comments to recent posts several months ago to at least give an update. If it's rl, too few votes/entries in the open challenges. No reply or official post ever came and after checking her journal on Livejournal, I could see that she had made several public and locked posts since the last post here. At least one of them had even been a picspam. Even a lack of interest in IJ, DW or whatever would have been fine instead of just letting it die.

On the other hand. I know I've been severally lacking when it comes to [info]merlin_icontest but there's still only one person who entered and usually there are just two and it's kind of disheartening. Especially since I still have to catch up with season 2. I think I'll close the current challenge (as soon as I'm done posting as it's just no use keeping it open) and put the icontest on hiatus either until I've seen the "new" episodes or someone wants to take it over.

I also haven't decided what to do with [info]dailyicons. Right now I've limited my field of interest to two fandoms: Doctor Who and Harry Potter, so I feel beyond uninspired to take it active again. However, I've been itching to mod a 20in20 community. Specifically, I've been considering getting one open for all fandoms with a pretty open range for what can get claimed. I guess I could convert it.

And now I really should start studying for my exam on Wednesday. Oh yeah... and maybe extend my icontest on Livejournal because there aren't any entries so far... Not that I didn't help what with my lack of reminders!

So much to do... so why the hell is time insisting on running way too fast???

27th Sep, 2009

pimp post - Doctor Who

plusone_rumble @LJ has opened it's doors for a new round!


15th Jul, 2009

new asylum

Since I love procrastinating instead of doing important things, I've decided to create an asylum for support. Anybody who wants to achieve something (no matter what) is welcome to join and share. Maybe with a little pressure/control possibilities it will result in success!


I certainly know that even if there aren't any comments, just posting regular updates will get to me actually do something... nothing worse than a guilty conscience when actually seeing it in writing.

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